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Can I change the height of the screen?

Yes, the screen is height adjustable to fit the user’s most comfortable viewing position. Place your hands on the soft touch coating on both sides of the screen and slide it up or down. You can also tilt the screen.

Which accessories/options are available for MagniLink Vision Premium?

Apart from the complementary options (monitors and control panels) the following accessories are available:

  • DVI Switch (MLV-A100) - used for computer connection
  • Software license Win/Mac + USB (MLV-A101)
  • Hardware split (MLV-A111A) - split box, external control panel, cables
  • SD Distance camera (MLV-A112) - includes external control panel and hardware split
  • HD Distance camera (MLV-A113) - includes external control panel and hardware split
  • Wall bracket for Distance camera SD (MLV-A114A)
  • Wall bracket for Distance camera HD (MLV-A114B)
  • Roof bracket for Distance camera SD (MLV-A114C)
  • Roof bracket for Distance camera HD (MLV-A114D)
  • Monitorfoot (MLV-A115) - if the monitor is not to be mounted directly on the MLV unit
  • Monitorarm (T005) - if the monitor is not to be mounted directly on the MLV unit
  • Bracket for external control panel (MLV-A116)
  • TTS-option (E1)

How does the module system work?

The MagniLink Vision Premium series consists of four basic models:

  • HD 720p camera with X/Y table
  • FHD 1080p camera with X/Y table
  • HD 720p camera with table clamp
  • FHD 1080p camera with table clamp

These models may be completed a monitor (18.5" or 23") and a control panel with 3 turning knobs, 3/5 push buttons or an external control panel with push buttons (all buttons are tactile). Then, a variety of accessories may be added, see FAQ Which accessories are available for MagniLink Vision above for a complete list.  

What is the difference between a HD (High Definition) and a Full HD camera?

Both cameras are based on the latest technology with full digital image transfer. The HD camera has 720p (720 TV-lines) and the FHD camera has 1080p (1 080 TV-lines). For user with Retinis Pigmentosa (RP) that are looking for a detailed and sharp image in low magnification or desire a greater overview a FHD camera is recommended. Note that LVI offers True HD and True FHD, which means that 

  1. The camera offers HD/FHD, minium 720p/1080p
  2. The monitor offers HD/FHD resolution
  3. The image is 100% digitally transferred to the monitor

What extra functions does the “5 Push” panel have compared to the “3 Push” and “2 Turn Knob” panel?

The “3 Push Panel” and “2 Turn Knob Panel” has controls for on/off, magnification, natural and artificial colours. The “5 Push Panel” offers more functionality for an optimal picture and reading mode; guiding line, change of contrast and focus lock. It can also be used with the DVI switch and for lighting configuration.

How to order the MagniLink Vision TTS option?

The TTS option is ordered by adding E1 in the product code. The TTS option is factory installed and must be ordered initially.

What does DPC stand for?

Dynamic Picture Control (DPC) will reduce lighting from the unit and is useful for people who are light sensitive. It will also be the best choice for reading medicine boxes and cans etc.

What does ROPC stand for?

ROPC stands for Reading Optimized Picture Control (ROPC). Each product is individually tested for optimized picture quality. The user can also personalize the unit further for any special needs. ROPC will adjust colour and contrast and minimize flicker or ghosting for every situation.

What does End User Configuration (EUC) stand for?

EUC is a configuration program in that the distributors individually can modify the settings according to the user. The settings are magnification (max + min), guiding line (colour + thickness), lighting and how many colours to use.

Is it normal that the light slowly flashes yellow when the unit is turned off?

Yes, when the system is in standby mode. When you turn on the system it flashes green and during usage it is constantly green.

Will the unit start with the same settings as before I turned it off?

Yes, if you turn off the system with the off button. If you pull the cord or you are having a power outage, the settings will not be saved.

Is it normal that the autofocus motor is slower while focusing and faster if the autofocus is off?

Yes, that is normal.

Why does the red switch light suddenly flash yellow?

The reason is that the autofocus is locked in a fixed position. A yellow lasting light means that the system is not using the default settings.

Can I change the lamps of the system myself?

No, the LEDs have extremely long life. If they need to be changed, contact your distributor.

How do I lift the system?

You should not lift the system by holding the lamp houses, the screen or any plastic parts. It is best to lift the system in the basic structure, for example the arms that go out to the lamp houses.